Every day we many emails received in inbox. 60% of people receiving less than 6 emails per day from trusted brand. Subscriber only open (doesn’t mean they reading your email) 2% of emails they receiving. And out of that only less than 1% of people show interest to read while half of them click on email and go to their respective site.

Email configuration

First and foremost math should be, email server has be to configured pretty well and make sure, it generate correct identity of sender (you can set it up with SPF = natural or high, Domain Keys and DKIM). SPF, Domain Keys and DKIM are signature of genuine sender. If you don’t have this most likely your email will filter in to spam. Most of the Hosting companies required extra effort to set up like this for all their customers, while we are here at HSqure Technologies, we take care of this. This is very important for keeping you in business. 

Interest  based email

Content of the email should be interest specific, by capturing  user interest while surfing website, can gives you batter understand of your customer, whom to offer what. Please make sure you don’t likely to sell comb to bald people, yet you can sell hair wig. Meaning of it, find your customer interest and offer best that suitable for them. Furthermore in it, subject line, graphics and content of your email more likely to get more leads from it.